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Part A may be too easy, but hopefully part B and C will be somewhat challenging...

A) What is the 9th and 10th number in this infinite sequence?


B) In this sequence, numbers are often repeated (like 60 and 60), and numbers are often multiplied by the spot in the sequence (like 4th number of 12 times 5th spot in sequence equals 60, the 5th number). However, sometimes, you multiply by a lesser number. How can you predict which spots will be which?

C) As you can tell from both of the last two parts, numbers sometimes repeat. What 5 spots in this sequence are the first 5 that have the same number repeating (hint: it's actually the same 6 numbers in a row)? Better yet, how can you figure this out besides just figuring out the pattern and writing it forever? Better yet, what is that number?

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