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Logic Puzzle (please help solve)


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14 hours ago, Craig44 said:


Does anyone know the answer to this one? If so please explain why :)

Box # 5

if we put the +/- for each dot; white (W) , and black (B) in these boxes and treat like the numbers which only the same color can subtract each other from the column. 

for example calculation of the dots from middle roll  boxes; 

1st box              2nd box           the sum box

+W  +W                 +B                    +W 

-B   -B             -W                     -B

And to find the missing box regarding the same assumption above;

1st box             2nd box            the sum box     

    +W            +B +B +B                   +B  +B

-B                 -W  -W                 -W

So, the result is box #5 


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