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Janis Puzzle


New Cryptographic Puzzle by the Decred Project

High resolution image download hosted at https://decred.org/januspuzzle/

The high resolution image contains secret information.

There are others attempting to solve the puzzle on the Decred Slack, on the #puzzles channel. 

This text was included in the announcement tweet:

"A tree that does not bend will inevitably break.  The repository unit is corrupt.  Begin." https://twitter.com/decredproject/status/839204577920565248

Current Prize Value: $1500


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Notes that may help someone

* there are 12 different keys in the foreground

* there are 16 cogs on the tree

* there are 3 different colours for branches on the cog tree

* there are 4 real cogs (with a number of sub-cogs)

* there are 4 cog shadows

* the bottom most shadow appears to be a shadow of the real cog next to it

* the upper two shadow cogs mirror the lowest cog (folding the picture frame into quarters would allow them to overlap)


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