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How fast can you solve these logical puzzles

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Hi ammar97 and welcome to the Den.

The first puzzle is a standard liar-truth teller puzzle. This is the most basic of them and has been posted here in the past. There are ways to make the answer more complicated and it's a great way to think logically to solve puzzles of this type. (Suppose one of the persons randomly tells the truth, and so on.) You can actually search the site, using keywords, to see if a puzzle has been posted already. (Click the Activity tab and choose Search.) The second puzzle is less well known, and the solution comes with nice "aha!" moment. The third puzzle belongs to a broad genre of bridge-crossing puzzles. I found yours very interesting. Easy to analyze but counter intuitive to solve. There are only a few possibilities, but the answer lies well hidden among them.

Thanks again for posting these puzzles, and feel free to post others, that you either write yourself or find on the Web. But here's a hint: If a published puzzle comes with a solution, then instead of linking to it, you could give it here in your own words (without the solution.) That way we won't have access to the solution until someone here solves it.

Thanks again.

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Hi Bonanova,

Your suggestion is really helpful. Now, I got the exact way this forum works. I'll certainly keep your suggestions in mind.

Thanks againĀ :rolleyes:


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