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Star Puzzle : Determine which circles are True and which circles are False




A circle with number x means :
“This circle is connected (straight line) to x circles with true statement
This is valid only if the statement in the circle is True.

If a circle is False, then it could be interpreted like this:
“This circle is NOT connected (straight line) to x circles with true statement
Thus, the number of True statements connected to a False circle should be different than the number in the False circle itself.

Let’s say a true circle is a circle with a true statement.
So if the number is 3 means the circle is connected by 3 true circles.
Some circles are true and some are not. 
Each circle is connected to 5 other circles, except the middle circle.
The middle circle is connected to 10 other circles.

Create another star with Boolean (T/F) input,
to show which circles are true, and which circles are false.




A is connected to (B,C,D,E,F)
B is connected to (A,C,F,G,J)
C is connected to (A,B,D,F,G)
D is connected to (A,C,F,H,E)
E is connected to (A,D,F,H,K)
F is connected to (A,B,C,D,E,G,H,I,J,K)
G is connected to (B,C,F,I,J)
H is connected to (E,D,F,I,K)
I is connected to (J,G,F,H,K)
J is connected to (B,G,F,I,K)
K is connected to (J,I,F,H,E)

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