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Ex-gifted trying to get smart again


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Doesn't look like people get many responses in this section but I will introduce myself anyway.

I'm a 36-year-old mom.  I used to be smart, a long time ago.  Was in the gifted program throughout grade school.  Battled severe psychological problems starting in high school and am still battling them today.  My grades in high school and college were pretty bad and I dropped out of pre-med.  My younger sisters (who were not "gifted") have achieved much more academically and professionally than I have.  Which is fine, because I like my life.  But, sometimes I miss people telling me I'm smart! 

SO, I have started playing around with Mensa-type puzzles in an attempt to stretch my brain.  I'm not having a lot of luck so far-- which is why I'm here.

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Hi larali, welcome to the den! The site crashed a while back and a lot of us either aren't active anymore or as active as we used to be. Not as many responses in this section as there used to be. On the bright side though, new people like you!

Don't let school grades make you think you're not smart. "Smart" isn't all about school grades. Sounds like you've had some challenges others haven't had to deal with. That just makes any achievements that much more impressive. :)

Anyway, hope you enjoy it here.

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