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Principal's age


A class of high school students wanted to send a bunch of roses to their beloved principal on his forthcoming birthday one rose per year. So they sent a delegation.

- Mr. Principal, how old will you be?

- I 'd rather not say. All I can tell you - I'll be one third older than the history teacher.

So the went to the history teacher:

- Mr. Banks, how old are you?

- If the boss won't tell you his age, neither shall I. But I'm one third older than the physics teacher.

So they went to mrs. Colt, the physics teacher:

- Mrs Colt, how old are you?

- It's not very polite to ask a lady her age! All I' m ready to reveal - I'm one third older than miss Tangent, the math teacher.

So they went to see miss Tangent:

  - Miss Tangent, how old are you?

When told the reason for their question, she got mad:

Shame on you! Nearly two years I've been teaching you math, and you still want help on a simple problem like this?!

- How many roses will the class buy, provided all ages are in whole years?


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64. Because it is all whole number then you have to use multiple of 3 to get 1/3 of something without getting fraction. If you work your way up by 3, 6, 9, 12...... The lowest number that will work up to principle from math teacher will be 27. Start from 27 add 1/3 is 36, add 1/3 is 48, and add 1/3 is 64.


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