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 A blonde was out of money so she went to her neighbor's house and asked if she could do any odd jobs for them. The husband replied that their porch needed to be repainted and asked how much it would cost. The blonde replied only $5. Only $5 dollars the husband thought, that is cheap? Yes she replied as it won't take me that long to do.  So the husband told her where the paint was and went back inside. He told his wife about it and she asked if he had told her that it was a rap-around porch?. The husband said no, but assumed she knew since she was standing on it. About 20 minutes later the blonde reappeared saying she had already finished painting the porch, the husband looked quite happy and pleased as she had finished so quickly. The blonde lady also said that there had been enough paint left over, to add a second coat! The husband looked bewildered, and  asked how that could be? He had only bought enough paint for one coat on the porch? anyway after giving her the $5 dollars he asked,.....Did you paint around the back of the porch as well?... The blonde replied, she didn't know anything about painting a "porch"?.....And by the way it is pronounced Porche not Porch!  

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