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Physicists usually contextualize this law to experiments in thermodynamics and they do not know about creation. Sometimes they forget as do teacher. Existence is a relative word which means that there are three objects present for something to exist, an object that has a perspective, a relationship object, and an object that is being perceived. The truth of an object that is being perceived or experienced is communicated to the perspective via the relationship object(s). A relationship is a container it keeps things in and it keeps things out, it connects and divides. If the universe was built out of a pure love relationship then being everything and nothing and one thing it would die and perform mitosis splitting in two as it's connecting nature squeezes it down and it's separating nature rips it apart yet it would remain connected. The truthful manifestation of the growing relationship structure with respect to perspective and it's truthful order is time, distance, and dimension. Reality to perspective is the truth that it experiences. Paradox gives rise to phenomena for an object can be both near and far at the same time and communicated to multiple perspectives at the same time and these things must be communicated/resolved truthfully to a perspective.

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