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I am not a cemetery



This is my first ever riddle. It was inspired while reading a riddle by bonanova inspired by a series of riddles by plasmid. I hope you like it.

I am a place where dead men lie

And rows of earthen tablets remember.

My callers may question life or cry

But sadness I can temper.

Silence is given in solemn respect

To those who are my patrons.

Your eventual return I do expect

Come your expiration.

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Library. Perhaps the biography section.
But that is correct.

Well done!

I'm sorry about the first stanza. :(

This was my first attempt at a riddle.

Men can lie through their writing even after death.

The earliest libraries contained inscriptions on clay tablets.

Books on existential philosophy might cause readers to question life, and sad novels might provoke tears, but some books can also be uplifting or inspirational.

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