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definition of definition?

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According to Merriam-Webster, the meaning of definition is: "an explanation of the meaning of a word or phrase." Thus, the definition of definition is "an explanation of the meaning of the word definition." Right. Definition is defined to be an explanation of the meaning of the word definition. OK, that is not terribly useful. Kind of like: "By speaking right now I am providing an explanation of what I am saying."


The role and meaning of "definition" should probably be established outside of a list of meanings.

Like initially establishing axioms for an algebra, rather than tasking the algebra with their proof.

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The definition of the word definition, to put it simply, is the description of the literary value and logical, generally established perception of a word.


The "logical and generally established perception" of the word definition is the logical and generally established perception of a word.


Kinda runs you round in circles lol.

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A definition is a boundary that contains the meaning of something in terms of something else. It is a container that also contains itself. This is kinda like a fractal where things repeat again and again to smaller levels or two mirrors facing each other where light bounces back and forth indefinitely.

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