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Your brain needs some type of exercise like the body does.
Games can bring a lot of improvement to your memory. To increase the efficiency of our brain, a lot of online brain games are available to sharpen our mental skills Like Kids Memory Match, Animals Memory Match, Birds Memory Match, Fruits Memory Match and Shapes Memory Match. Take out 20-25 minutes from your daily routine and improve your brain performance.
Kids Memory Match

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I think it would be a nice tour for kids who love games. Actually you are right. Every brain needs some type of exercise. specially for kids. Brain needs riddles, it can be  fun, quirky, adventurous and, most of all, confusing but it is really really helpfull. You should try it. 

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I agree with you that  brain needs some kinds of exercise like our body, but I want to ask you what kind of games like  mind teaser game or jigsaw puzzle for kids  dose it will keep our mind healthy.

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