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No. 7

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No. 7 - Back to the Cryptograms and Algebra Puzzles

Replace the same characters by the same numerals so that the mathematical operations are correct.






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No. 7 - solution






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Here's some of my reasoning in solving this puzzle. Numbers "0 thru 9" are all used.

It is obvious that S="5" for "S" to be in the same column and part of the sum,

The letter "O" must ="9" in order to have a "1" carried over to the "K" so that T=K+1.

This is done by adding the "1" to the "9", carried over from "15" (5+5+5) and the "1" is

carried over again to the "K" from "10" (1+9). "A" must ="0" from the process.

Now we can go back and solve for the letters "U,N,I". We have now used numbers "0,5,9"

If we substitute "2" for "U", then "N=7" and If "N=7", then "E=1". "U" cannot ="1" because "N" would then ="9"

We have numbers "3,4,6,8" left. Since T=K+1, only "3 & 4" will work, leaving numbers "6 and 8" for letters "I and G'.

The rest went really fast.

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