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I'm not a rebellious missionary

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Heaven sent with company

Clad in cloaks of four or three

Straight and narrow I'll not be

Thus my fate is cast

Sawn asunder as you're fain

In coffin uninterred lie slain

'neath ice with blood-stained ball and chain

Gouged until the last

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Always enjoy yours plasmid. This one's certainly no exception.  After over 100 views have to at least give it a stab. 


a banana? or maybe the whole banana split from the second stanza especially - ice (cream) and blood stained ball and chain - Maraschino cherry on top of whipped cream...

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On 8/8/2020 at 3:15 AM, bigfish04 said:

I know what the answer is, but can someone please explain the line about bloodstained ball and chain? I'm not understanding the relevance.

Just a reference to something commonly associated with it...


the cherry on top, yum :)


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