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The Cryptic Book


This is a puzzle for an online gaming community (mmorpg) by the name of tibia. This game has a rich 10 year history and up to date noone has ever came forward with an answer to a cryptic book entry in the royal castle.
The book reads as such....

Asmalat ovrir gogenol amabat hulut a sese sokol. Gogenol faresmal a sese ican.

I am an explorer in the game and often times have to find my way through puzzles, but this particular 1 has stumped us all. I assume it might be an anagram. If anyone has any ideas or friendly suggestions I would be most honored to hear them, thank you kindly in advance.

I discovered only the last three words: "a sese ican" is "as i can see". So, are the orders of the letters that matter. Remember, this is a medieval game and i don't know the aswer.

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For starters:

the second and third words seem to suggest "google batman"... last word of first line could be "looks".

similarly, the second line suggests to "google" something...

can you send a screen shot of where and how this phrase is written. That might contain more clues...

The idea here would be to google some keywords and find the answer to your puzzle.

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I don't think Google is involved, at least not for the second one. If you take out the letters for "Google" and "as far as I can see", the only letters left are NEML.

Maybe "On golem leg as far as I can see" for the second one?

Doesn't make too much sense to me, but I have no idea what's going on in the game and if there are any giant golems that need to be searched. (Maybe this is a Final Fantasy theme and there are moogles around?)

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