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Who owns the lizard?


On Main Street in our town stands a row of five houses, each painted a different color. They are owned by gentlemen of five different nationalities who care for five different types of pets, including a lizard, enjoy five different beverages, including vodka, and smoke four different tobacco products -- one of them is a non-smoker. From the clues below, we wonder: what beverage does the lizard owner drink, and in what color house does the vodka drinker live?

  1. The Canadian lives in the pink house.
  2. The German was bitten by his dog last week.
  3. One sometimes smells coffee near the green house.
  4. The Dane loves to drink tea.
  5. The green house is next to the beige one - to the right.
  6. The goldfish is owned by the non-smoker.
  7. The guy in the yellow house smokes "Chesterfield".
  8. In front of the middle house there are milk bottles every morning.
  9. The Norwegian lives in the house on the right.
  10. The lion keeper lives next to the "Kool" smoker,
  11. while the "Chesterfield" smoker lives next to the horse owner.
  12. The "Heart-Attack" smoker loves orange juice.
  13. The Russian smokes cigars.
  14. The blue house is next to the house of the Norwegian.

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The vodka drinker is in the yellow house no matter what...

Quick question for clarification: In the clue "One sometimes smells coffee near the green house"...would you take that to mean that the Green house drinks coffee (since you can smell it when you're near it), or would you take that to mean one house away from the Green house, you can smell coffee?

If the answer to that question is that the Green house drinks coffee, then the Lizard owner drinks coffee (coincidentally in the green house)...and here's the solution (in the order of the houses):
BEIGE          GREEN     PINK         BLUE     YELLOW
OJ             Coffee    Milk         Tea      Vodka
German         Russian   Canadian     Dane     Norwegian
Dog            Lizard    Goldfish     Horse    Lion
Heart Attack   Cigar     Non-smoker   Kool     Chesterfield

Either way, I think this solution satisfies all of the clues above...

Edited by Pickett

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