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Farewell to SuperPrismatic


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With great sadness in my heart I have learnt that SuperPrismatic, our well-respected forum moderator, has died suddenly on March 25th 2014 at the age of 69. It was a heart attack without any previous medical problems.
Michael (whom we knew as SuperPrismatic) left a wife and 5 children. He joined BrainDen Brain Teaser Forums 6 years ago and his genius was apparent from the very beginning. However, he was not only brilliant but also very respectful which is also why I offered him to be The Moderator here. It was an honor for me that he accepted my offer and that he contributed to this website so much.
SP's daughter wrote us that SP enjoyed this BrainDen website and SP wouldn't want to abandon this place without saying Farewell. And that's why let me use this thread to:
1. thank SP for all the great discussions, all the posts where he helped others and all the time he spent here with us
2. share my sincere condolences with SP's family
Please join me in this Last Farewell to SP.
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Our thoughts and prayers go to Michael's family in this time of great loss. SP was both a genius and a gentleman here at BrainDen. His insight and thoughtful manner graced our community almost from its inception. His passing reminds us to embrace and treasure life, and his example helps us see how to live it. Michael will be greatly missed.

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Thank you for your kind words about my father. He really enjoyed playing on this website. He was always interested in puzzles and spent his career as a mathematician/crypt-analyst working on some of the most important puzzles in the world. He was the kind of man who did the NY Times Crossword puzzle in pen. We, his family, are all very close and miss him so much.

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