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A drunken tower


A man dismounts his horse. He approaches a square, wide and tall tower. He sees a dead elf lying nearby on the ground. He enters the tower to try to find out why he died. The door closes behind him. Sensing danger, he tries to open the door, to no avail. He then hears a drunken voice: My name is Drunken Tower. I am sober though. I just like to talk in a drunken voice. I am above all mean since I won’t open the door until you are gone. You see, you must climb all the way to my top. Otherwise, you will die of thirst. I will close my trap door behind you and I won’t open as long as you’re on my top. And then, a giant will arrive and start to walk around me, occasionally changing his direction. He is my friend with whom I have telepathic connection and he eats those I eliminate. He didn’t eat last time because he is allergic to elves. I will quickly tilt about 40°, which is something I can do because of an inadequate foundation on ground being too soft. If you're unprepared, you will undoubtedly fall, as there will be no place for you to firmly hold on to, since my trap door is evenly leveled with my flat top. The giant will stop walking 1 s before I tilt. He will neutralize the gravity with his strength by keeping me inclined for about 25 s and then straighten me up. The giant likes to test his strength. After I finish talking to you, I will use my magic to make you deaf for one week, and so you won’t be able to hear giant’s heavy steps. You strike me like someone who likes riddles. I too like riddles, and so I will tell you that there is a way for you to survive this w/o luck. The man fathoms the clue and manages to leave the tower. He mounts the horse and flees away. How did he do it?

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This could be turned into a math problem by asking the following questions

How tall is the tower?

How tall is the giant?

How tall is the protagonist?

How far away from the tower does the giant walk?

What is the radius of the tower's roof (or shape if not circular)?

How far can the protagonist run in one second or 25 seconds?

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