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June is the only month that, besides the initial letter, doesn't contain any tall letters (h, l, t, d, b, etc) or letters that drop below the writing line (g, y, q, etc)


March...it's the only word that has an english anagram: charm

EDIT: nevermind on the anagram...May=yam...

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May is the only month with a non-Roman name origin

August starts with a unique day in a non-leap year.

No other month begins or ends on the same day of the week as May in any year. This month is the only month to have these two properties.

making it 2 scores for May ..also in addition to Pickett's answer - June also has 2 scores since my idea of posting this is simply because June is the

only one ending with a bowel..(Another is that February is the only one that changes no of days ..but thats for Math and logic)..

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