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High Times



You know its in the bag
Unless you drop the ball
Before the whistle's blown
Then waiting for the draw
Leaves much to be desired
It's cut and dry at best
Suspended once in service
There's still time for the rest
For a shred of evidence
Remains to be seen
If you read into it
The answer you might glean

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Wow. Sorry if I spoilt it for yourself others, pg. But it had a sort of ring to it (that's a pun that will become apparent), and I came over all nostalgic as it reminded me of one of the first riddles of yours that I answered,

In fact, I have a feeling that that riddle was the reason I signed up for brainden all those three and a half years ago (if not, it was certainly one of yours just before it). So you're responsible for me annoying the hell out of everybody since.

Thankyou, and more power to your elbow, my friend.

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no worries at all. put these up in hopes they are solved, afterall. only now am unable to post that ring puzzle I had in the works (not really). had actually forgotten that oldie. funny how I did basically use the same clue then and now. nice memory and nice catch. think I might revisit that a+b=ab format. and certainly I cant take all the credit for your annoying ways here ;) . cheers

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