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Mafia Video Game - Town of Salem

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Hey guys, thanks for your interest in the game :) I wanted to let everyone know we are doing a testing event tonight, 8pm CST. Check out the event on our Facebook:
There will be a lot more people on so we can get some full games going and the Devs will be in teamspeak answering peoples questions.
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We are at 31% funded! The $50 early bird specials sold out very quickly so we added 25 more of them. With a $50 donation you will unlock all of the cosmetic effects for life, you won't need to pay for anything in the game ever. The game is free to play but the shop sells things like new houses, character skins, pets and other cosmetic effects.

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We have had an awesome week so far. We got discovered by some pretty big YouTubers including Minx and we pushed our new login system which now has 7000 registrations. In fact, we have gotten so big that Meg Turney (cosplayer, host at SourceFed) started playing our game. She is raving about it on her twitter and has said SourceFedNERD will be covering it in an upcoming indie-cent gaming video. :D

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We just put up a new stretch goal to immortalize the YouTubers (Minx, LordMinion, OhmWrecker, Meg Turney, EntoanThePack, TheTeshTube, dlive22891, Deafinition) who helped us out when we were just a starting out. They will all be getting in-game characters.
Check it out here:

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It has been a wild ride. We are now in the last 24 hours of the Kickstarter with hope of reaching even more stretch goals.

Meg Turney was nice enough to give us consent to sell her likeness in the shop so even if we don't hit the $20k stretch goal, you will be able to get a character based off of her

We will be doing an Ask Me Anything (AMA) at 6pm CST today (03/20) and will be streaming it live via twitch.tv. We will also upload it to youtube afterward.

Let's make these last 24 hours count!

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