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The wish game


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In this game, you have to make a wish, whilst corrupting the wish above you. Inspired by the same game on another forum here.

There are rules:

- No wishing for more wishes

- No wishing for more than one thing in a wish (although a wish can have as much detail as you like)

- No wishing to break these rules

- When you corrupt a wish the corruption must be related to the wish, for example if someone wishes for a cookie you can't say "Granted, but you die before receiving it" because that has nothing to do with the wish itself, you could, however, say "Granted but it's poisoned and you will die if you eat it".

- Make sure what you say


Person1: I wish for a sandwich.

Person2: Granted, but it's a dirt sandwich. I wish for a book.

Peerson3: Granted but it's boring. I wish for a 3DS.

...and so on.

Feel free to be as creative as you like in the wishes and corruptions!

I'll start:

I wish for a bar of chocolate.

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