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observe the spiral



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Perhaps, this is a valid puzzle, simply because some solved it while others didn't.

I didn't solve this puzzle. I only made some observations then left it alone. Namely, the sequence of lengths seemed to be the point. As you point out it's not simple to measure them. Even if you could, you'd have to choose units that made them all integral to find the answer. If I had set out to make the effort, I probably would have taken the image into Photoshop where there is a tool for measuring lengths.

But there is an easier way, even, than that. The spacings can be seen to be integers by even crude methods. From the spacings the integral lengths can be calculated, and then the answer is seen. Solving puzzles is very much about finding methods. Intuition plays a role too. There are quick-and-dirty analytical techniques that guide the process as well. For example here one can see the spacings don't vary widely. That makes primes a candidate, and rules out the Fibonacci numbers.

I don't mean to be critical of your post, rather to help you get enjoyment from the broadest possible range of puzzles. Take the position that a puzzle has an answer and that it is within your grasp to find it. Let the search for a method be part of the puzzle itself. The very best puzzles uncover a simple answer to an otherwise difficult or complex question.

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