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Bounce 'n Balance



If a guy from the 1st floor steps on one side of the beam balance
and a guy from the 5th floor jumps on the other side, they would
exchange positions due to conservation of energy.
How many times should they use the beam balance in order to
pair themselves on every floor?

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Can the guys choose the distance from the fulcrum they jump from?

Do they get off the scale after they jump?

As a clue, describe a first step, before and after -- it doesn't have to be the correct first step.

I think this is a very interesting puzzle, it just needs to be understood a bit.


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They can only jump on the empty and elevated platform..the energy is transferred to the other platform lifting the guy/guys standing on it to the higher floor.

As an example: 4 steps on right platform ..one from 5th floor jumps down to the left platform. The result: 4 guys are raised on the 2nd floor,say they lean to

be able to step on the edge of 2nd floor....while the jumper landed on the 1st floor without a rebound.

The guys on the 2nd floor can jump down too.

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