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The final Find Me puzzle - decode your hearts out.



53. 75,14,DE. 49. A. 57,60. 90,85. 90,E,39. 90,8,92,G,1,T. 9,18. A,74,A,39. (comma)

5,92,T. 90,E. 74,8,RLD. 90,85. 90,E,39. 19,7,E,74. 74,33. A. 3,E. (period)

53. 95. 34,E,7. 5,39. 16,8. MA,7,39. (comma) T,88,M,15,LED. DA,39. A,9,52,R. DA,39. (comma)

A,7,D. 95. 9,92,LL. 8,9. 90,76,E. 74,67. 16,A,53,D. G,8,8,D,5,39,E. (period)

It decodes into another layer of puzzle that I can't expect the Logic/Math section will bother with (You can try if you like), but I'm more interested in seeing how long it takes the experts (and the newbies) to figure out how I coded this (The Word puzzle section appears to have stopped trying). Hints can be given when necessary.

Have fun!

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To clear up any confusion and perhaps offer a hint, I shall decode the first two words.

(Note: commas signify a new letter or group of letters, while periods signify a space/new word)

53. -> I(space)

75,14,DE. -> Re,Si,DE(space) -> Reside(space)

I just hope I haven't completely given away the entire puzzle. ^_^

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