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I am notorious for reposting questions at times. Even though I don't see the harm in reposting topics discussed >1yr ago as it allows for the newbies to have an opportunity to answer and experience a puzzle, but I know it can be irritating for the hardcore vets to see the same questions reposted.

1. Can we add a key word section to our posts so to help others locate our posts when searching? Sometimes people remember puzzles With slightly different nouns ruining forum search Attempts. But if we had keywords, I could search for like Pigeonhold principle, queens, chess and hopefully find if a puzzle exists or not (at least be more accurate). Simply hide they keywords from view until a solution is found so that the keywords don't give away the solution.

2. Is it too much for the vets to not ruin reposted entries if they are repost of old questions? Can't they simply just skip that post and answer a different one? What is the benefit to the newbies if you simply are just going to post an archived forum post from 3 years ago as a solution to the problem. Okay I digress.

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Not sure if I understand. Keywords should already be included in the original puzzle threads and adding keywords which are not already part of the original thread would still leave some synonyms out.

Any example where you searched for some old thread and could not find it by using some specific keyword?

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Here is a simple one, one of mine


now let's say i heard of this puzzle but instead of 1,000,000 i knew it with 1,000 and instead of urns i used jugs. Then if i keyword search even using the same exact formula

Keywords: x/(x+y) and y/(x+y), 1,000, jugs.

I get "No results found". Upon seeing this, i naturally think that my puzzle has not been posted here and make the attempt to post it. Then of course someone sees this puzzle and attacks me for posting an already posted topic. However, if i knew what kind of puzzle this was, and was able to do a 'genre' like search then i could at least have a better shot of making sure the puzzle is somewhat new to the forum.

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