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the no lying game

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in this game, each player will receive 3 adjacent words of a complete sentence, secretly.

all posts made in this thread should be completely honest. any lying what so ever in this thread will result in your secret words being randomly distributed to other players.

so for example you could make the following deal.

"I'll pm the first person one of my words if they pm me one of theirs."

now here's where it get's tricky. note that the statement itself lends to some open-ended results. for example, if two people pm a word to a player, he only has to respond the the first one he receives with one of the secret words. even for pm's you must be honest, however. so if you get two pm's from two people with one of their secret words, the second one you can honestly state that you've responded to the first person with your secret word, but thanks for the help.

also note that the player did not necessarily put a time limit for when he would reveal the secret word. hypothetically he could wait over a month if he wants.

please make sure you copy any pm's to me so i may review them for honesty.

the game is over when one player posts the entire sentence containing all the secret words.

sign ups










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