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Help Dilbert


In a cliche effort to illustrate the importance of teamwork-oriented problem solving, the Boss has chained Dilbert to Carol The Secretary via wire wrapped around their wrists, as shown in the following snapshot:


The goal is for Dilbert and Carol to unlink themselves from each other; considering what a horrible woman Carol is, Dilbert wouldn't have it any other way. The wire is unbreakable, and as much as Dilbert would like to saw off Carol's limbs, that's against company policy. How can Dilbert and Carol get away from each other?

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Take the middle of the other person's rope in your fingers.
Bring it to the loop around one of your wrists.
Pass it through the loop in the direction from your elbow toward your fingertips.
Pass it over your hand and back through the loop on your wrist.
You're un-looped.

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