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If you know a little about the game of Clue, you can solve this.

In four successive games of Clue the following statements became true:

[1] In one game Miss Scarlet used the wrench, but not in the Library.

[2] In one game the rope was used in the study, but not by Colonel Mustard.

[3] In one game the gun was used in the conservatory

[4] In one game Professor Plum was the culprit, but not in the Library

[5] In one game Colonel Mustard was the evildoer, but not in the conservatory

[6] In one game Mrs. White was the perp, but she does not like ropes.

[7] In one game the lead pipe was the weapon, used perhaps but not necessarily in the kitchen.

Name the culprit / weapon / location combinations for the four games.

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Miss Scarlet - Wrench - Kitchen

Professor Plum - Rope - Study

Colonel Mustard - Lead Pipe - Library

Mrs. White - Gun - Conservatory

Although this is assuming that the only rooms that can be used are the ones mentioned in the puzzle although there are other rooms in the game (Hall, Lounge, Dining Room, Kitchen, Ballroom, Conservatory, Billiard Room, Library, and Study). And also that a room is not repeated. This is the case for the Kitchen and the Library.

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