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Please decode this


Hi forumers..

I have unlock something that quite big but I had only unlock the first lock..
I'm stuck.. So I need your help to decode this sets of number..
I know here we got so many math geniuses to help me to decode something.
If successful I'm willing to share it with u guys.

What we are trying to unlock here?
Doors to riches!

Ok here are the numbers:

03 14 200 +
03 75 200 -
03 91 200 -

09 34 129 -

17 93 111 ?

18 31 110 +

22 23 78 +

35 33 45 +

43 35 89 +
43 53 89 ?
43 71 89 +

56 15 96 +

76 21 31 +

let me explain..

there are 13 sets of numbers:

the first column (03 03 03 09 17....76) is the selected number
from a sequenced number (01 to 114). So I have selected only 13 set of them.

the second column (14, 75, 91... 21)is the number selected from the third column,
for example, i have selected 14th number from 200; 34th from 129; 93rd from 111.

Get it?

OK now the +/-/? symbol:
+ve and -ve value came from the second column numbers. It is their values. For examples
But i think this is only for the extra parameters. I'm not sure if it should be taken
into consideration or not.
the ? symbol is most probably -ve i think..

What are going to do next?

So what is this numbers could be?

On my first wild guessing, I think it is XXXXXXXXX.. i have tested it randomly and the results
is quite interesting but it has not satisfied me enough. I learned a bit about XXXXXXXX
and XXXXXXXXX and applied it on the raw data..

I think these data need to be process and sharpen to make it more precise.. and u guys
are going to help.. Im not good in maths, statistics or anything about numbers.

Once the code is proven to be a XXXXXXXX then we can team up in a secret closed online
gathering to make this things happen. There are so much things to work on together.

If not, we can move to the next assumption until we succeed. Only then i can tell you
what this thing is about or where i got this precious data etc.. but i know this is
something huge!

What do u think?

Interested? Jump in hackers!

p.s sorry for my bad english.. ;)
p.p.s. i will tell you the 'X-rated' words right after :)

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2 answers to this question

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Ok honestly i dont have any clue about this number and what to do with it..

But as i said my first wild guess is - maybe it is a LOCATIONS.

Not only 1 location, but many of them around the world!

Then i learn a bit about LATITUDE and LONGITUDE.

Some shows good results, some not.

I'll show it later if u guys interested.

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OK I couldn't stand it anymore..

Im gonna spill out all the beans right now.. since i'm tired exhausted this whole

week i've been trying and my broadband is getting slower now..

It is about GOLD!

I got this data from an old scriptures, written thousand of years ago.

And i break the first clue that leads to those numbers posted above.

I've tried played around the numbers and some of it shows near all

the goldmines around the world! Some of it need to be reveal!

The problem is, it need to be precise location. I'm using latitude and

longitude and search it using google maps..

One of the most exciting results it i got a bunch of locations

scattered around africa - sudan, egypt, jordan, south africa,

congo etc.. Sudan alone got 7-8 locations just around the

newfound mining areas founded in 2006!

So I will wait for you to response for the next couple of days before

i take back this data/delete this post.. thank you

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