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a really hard riddle


i need to answer the following riddle - would appriciate osme help.

"Born in another's image, you were meant for greatness"
"Very strong most of the time, yet weaker than a child at times"
"you were killed many times over the eons, but achieved a lot"
"Still you have a lot before you, struggling all the way"

"When you look in the mirror, you can utter your name, in whisper, or as a shout"
"This word always bring hope, and is always right"

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I get the feeling it might be riddling about either a concept, along the lines of honor or justice or righteousness (it's difficult to distinguish between them with these clues), or a fictional character that might or might not be very well known.

Can you give us any clues about how/where you came across the riddle that would point us into the right ballpark to look for answers?

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In that case, if it's a friend who you know recently read a book or watched a movie or got taught something in class etc., that would probably be the best place to check for any characters that he might be talking about. Or ask him if he's willing to reveal where he found it. Otherwise, I think my first guess would be...


but it still seems more like it's talking about a particular character.

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