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Logic problems please help!


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Arguments, Validity, and Soundness
For the following prompts, determine the properties that apply to each prompt (if any). Highlight or put in bold “yes” if the prompt does possess the characteristic listed, and highlight or put in bold font “no” if not.
1. Thanksgiving is coming soon. Therefore, it’s October.
Argument? Yes No
Valid? Yes No
Sound? Yes No
2. Barack Obama is a man. All men are mortal. Therefore Barack Obama is mortal.
Argument? Yes No
Valid? Yes No
Sound? Yes No
Please symbolize the following English sentences into logical notation. Place your answer below each respective question.
3. HANNAH and MIGUEL will volunteer this weekend if and only if CHRIS can’t volunteer this weekend.
4. The SUN is shining if there are no CLOUDS in the sky.
Well-formed-formulas (WFFs)
Determine whether each of the formulae below, individually, are well formed or not. If the formula is well formed, highlight or put “wff” in bold font. If the formula isn’t well formed, put “not a wff” in bold font or highlight it.
5. H & -(-R & M)
6. S &  (P  N)
Highlight (using the “highlighter” tool in your word processing program) the main logical operator of the following formula:
- ((G & J) & S)
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I suggest sitting down with parents and asking for similar statements and ask them to explain it to you.

i.e. Brainden is for help and assistance only.

Therefore, Brainden is not expected to give you the answers. YES

Brainden provides some examples that may help. YES

Brainden will help you cheat on homework. NO

It should be common sense, but I gave some facts. ;)

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