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I'm not Prometheus

Go to solution Solved by Wilson,


Bound by peers to hinder my crimes

For fear I'll defile your eyes

Source of strength in previous times

I once laid a path to the skies

Fire, gold, or night of new moon

Bring these or the earth or the snow

Warm the thinkers blessed by my boon

And gashed, shall I ever regrow

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I'm neither a planet nor a liquid metal.

They shouldn't be scared of little ol' me, I'm just tossing one out there to keep folks on their toes in case Shakeepuddn decides to drop by and really whallop them with a stumper. If it's any help, consider the "I" in this riddle to be the one acting whenever you see a verb.

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woot, woot, some heavyweight riddlers back here again. have been contemplating this one quite a bit ever since you posted it, plasmid. have had some decent ideas but none fit as good as your answers always do (after i fully figure out where you're coming from). and always a little shy to take a stab before prior guesses are confirmed/denied esp from minds like Wilson's (for similar reasons as prior parenthetical statement). but ize gotta try

a laser?

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