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I am thinking of a word. You may ask any question, but I will only answer questions that do not require me to give any similar or related words unless they are already within this topic, this post not included.


If the word were “Mane”

Question: “Is it found on any animals? If so what animals?”

Answer:“Yes. I cannot say” or [lion has not been said, horse has] “Horses” [lion and horse have been said] “Lions and horses.”

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No. It is a part of speech, it is classified as a noun, it might or might not be considered a concept depending on who you ask, it is most likely used every day, and as an extra bonus hint, you will hear it if you read this out loud:

The laboratory was at a comfortable temperature all day, causing the scientists to work at a sluggish pace.

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Hint time!

It starts with the letter "E". I'm sure you guys would've asked eventually, but I'm getting a little impatient.

P.S. I don't really think hints should be available anymore, but I'll wait to see if you need 1 more. After this, or the next hint, there will be no more.

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