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My name is Kestrel Knight, and I've been a member of BrainDen for years, under a different username. I will refrain from telling you what it is. I didn't post a single thing for over a year, and recently decided to revive my obsession with this site. So here I am.

I write fanfiction, other fiction, poetry and songs. I play the guitar, and occasionally the piano. I listen to punk, electronica, pop and country music. I spend far too muc time sitting in front of a computer with an ancient monitor, watching YouTube videos, posting on BrainDen, typing, playing Minecraft (I'm sorry), or whatever else I may do.

I'm not going to tell you how old I am, but I will say this: Chances are, I'm far younger than you.

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*spins around excitedly*


My dear old computer sadly died. I lost a few valuable files, but I suppose it was about time I moved on. I do have a tablet, but I'm not much for typing on touch screens. Right now, I'm using an iPad. I won't be as active as I used to, but I am back.

And with changed music tastes. Acoustic and indie is now my thing.

As is Sherlock. Good grief, that show is fantastic.

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I encourage the use of the cloud...like dropbox for your files in the future. Did me wonders when my computer died.

Welcome back

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