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[H] [H] [G] [ I ] [W] [ I ] [E] [E] [ T ] [ T ] [ W ] [G]

How will the crates above can be balanced on both sides of the ship using the crane to swap any 2 of them 5 times?

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at least 8 possible ways to do it...I'm actually assuming there are probably 16 based on how I found the 8...but here's one with all of the swaps

HHGIWI - EETTWG (original)
EHGIWI - EHTTWG (swap #1...swap H and E across sides)
EHGTWI - EHTIWG (swap #2...swap T and I across sides)
GHETWI - EHTIWG (swap #3...swap G and E on left side)
GWETHI - EHTIWG (swap #4...swap W and H on left side)
GWITHE - EHTIWG (swap #5...swap E and I on left side)

Of course to be "balanced" the left and the right side have to have the same types of crates...and they have to be IN REVERSE of each other...otherwise the weight distribution would be completely off...that's why my "balanced" ending is GWITHE - EHTIWG...

Hope that makes sense

On an unrelated note...why did someone vote this as only 2 stars?? I think this was a really good puzzle and it was fun to solve...

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Yeah. I immediately tried to spell out the word WEIGHT because that made sense, and I guess didn't get any of the other answers.

Here's the swap order I got:

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