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Should I hit, stand, or double?

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You are playing blackjack and get an ace and a 6. The dealer's up card is a 6. What should you do? Hit, stand, or double? (There are no other players)

basic vocabulary: Hit, get another card (this can be done repeatedly until you choose to stop or bust). Stand, you don't need another card. Double, is to add additional money to your initial bet on the terms that you are dealt one, and only one more card, you will receive no additional cards after doubling. You can double for UP TO the amount of your initial bet. Splitting, is not an option in this case and so won't be defined.

Lastly, the dealer will 'act' or make their play (hit or stand) after you finish with yours.
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You typically play assuming that the dealer has a 10 card down...meaning you have to assume they have 16. You have either 17 or 7...this means that by getting another card you have NO way of going over 21.

You didn't mention what the dealer's rules are, but in most casinos they HAVE to hit if they have under 17, and HAVE to stay if they have 17 or more...if that is the case, then you should double down, because you will double your bet and get a card (can't go over 21)...and then the deal HAS to hit, which means they will most likely go over 21. In the end with this approach you will win double your original bet.

In practice, however...this never happens...I always seem to lose in these "simple" scenarios :wacko:

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I forgot to mention that in black jack you are trying to get 21 points without going over, an Ace is worth either 1 or 11, the player who has it can choose which, and all face cards are worth 10.

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