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LGBD R5 Centerfield Battle


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17 Card Poker


The 'deck' consists of 4 Aces, 4 Kings, 4 Queens, 4 Jacks, and 1 Joker, which is a wildcard.

Hand order is as follows: 5 of a Kind>Royal Flush>4 of a Kind>Full House>Straight>3 of a Kind>2 Pair>1 Pair

The cards are 'shuffled' (randomized). One player will randomly be selected to go first in the first poker hand, and then it will alternate. 5 cards will be 'dealt' to each of the players in the team BTSC.

Before each poker round, each player must 'put up' 5 chips as an ante. This goes to the winner of the hand, unless there is a 'no contest', in which case it goes to the dealer.

The first player may check, in which case the other player bets first, or raise. If the second player also checks, then it is a 'no contest'. The second player may call (if the first player raised), raise, or fold. A fold is considered a 'no contest'.

The players then may choose to 'discard' as many cards or as few as they would like, and the host will 'deal' more cards until their number of cards is back to 5. The number of cards each player discarded will be announced in the battle thread.

Their will then be a second round of betting, the minimum starting bet will be the same as the first round of betting, the maximum is six times the ante (30 chips).

After the second betting round, the cards will be revealed.

The winner of each hand will gain all the chips bet (minus the ante if it was a fold). The battle will continue for ten hands or until one player runs out of chips.


Eastern Army: Phil1882


Western Army: Kingofpain

Cards will be 'dealt' shortly. Thank you.

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Due to the initial confusion, and seeing that I allowed Western Army to power-play one turn in the Vanguard Battle, I will allow the Eastern Army to power-play one turn here.

Ahem... I was not powerplayed?? :P

Sorry, I meant the General Battle...

(Although you never know...you might just think you're the one pulling the strings ;P)

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