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LGBD R5 Vanguard Battle


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24 Shot Russian Roulette


Each player has 3 bullets which they place in a 'gun' by PMing the host 3 integers from 1 to 24 which represent positions in the gun chamber. If the players choose a same position, they must choose new positions.

The host will 'spin' the gun by randomly selecting a number from 1 to 24, and flip a coin (or equivalent) to select a player to go first.

The player must either 'shoot' the gun at him/herself or choose to pass. The first player to pass must 'place' 1 chip on the 'table', the second pass will require 2 chips, the third pass will require 4, and this number continues to double until five passes have been made.

After the fifth pass, the dealer (host) will take all the chips and 'shoot' the gun, then the gun will pass on to the next player in line and the 'pass' cost will be reset to 1 chip.

If a player 'dies', they will give the opposing player 50 chips as well as whatever chips are 'on the table' from previous passes.

The battle continues until all 6 rounds are shot or one player runs out of chips.


Eastern Army: Framm18


Western Army: Panther

Please PM in your position selections.

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Gun has been loaded and spun. Virtual coin toss has determined that Panther (Western Army) will go first.

Please indicate your choice of 'shoot' or 'pass' and the corresponding value below:


Framm: 0

Panther: 0

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