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Nines Clock


I saw a clock the other day with only 9's on its face.

Thirty-six 9's in all, three each at the twelve hour-markers.

Can you design such a clock face?

That is, express each of the numbers 1-12 using three 9's

Along with standard math symbols.

Extra credit for three different expressions for each hour.

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6 answers to this question

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1. sqrt(9)-(sqrt(9)!/sqrt(9))

2. (sqrt(9)+sqrt(9))/sqrt(9)

3. sqrt(9)+sqrt(9)-sqrt(9)

4. sqrt(9)+(9/9)

5. sqrt(9)+(sqrt(9)!/sqrt(9))

6. sqrt(9)!+9-9

7. 9-(sqrt(9)!/sqrt(9))

8. 9-(sqrt(9)/sqrt(9))

9. 9+9-9

10. 9+(sqrt(9)/sqrt(9))

11. 9+(sqrt(9)!/sqrt(9))

12. 9+9-sqrt(9)!

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