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a weird poker game

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phil1882    13

this is a 4-7 player poker game that i created on the fly. each player will start off with 1000 chips.

the game starts with each of the four players getting 5 cards from a standard 52 card deck.

on a turn, a player selects 3 cards that follow a progression. 1, 3, 5; 4, 7, 10 etc.

the bigger the progression, the more valuable the hand is. if all 3 cards are the same suit. that doubles the size of the progression. so the largest hand is AH,7H,KH worth 2*distance*largest card = 156 points.

each player bets on how much he thinks the hand is worth.

there are 3 rounds of betting, one where no one knows the three cards that are selected, one where 1 card is revealed, and one where 2 cards are revealed.

here's the fun bit. there's a "penalty" for folding, other than losing any bets you've placed.

the 3 cards you fold with get placed in the center; face up. any remaining players can use them as part of their 3 card sequence.

once the betting is over and a winner declared, the game starts over with each player receiving a new set of 5 cards.

the basic betting rules are: you can't bet or raise more than 25 chips, and no more than 3 rounds of raising.

who's in?

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