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June 2013 POM - * not solved * - Enter Exit Code



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if nothing happens


if nothing still happens...time to break out the permutations

and hopes i am only dealing with entering three numbers/symbols

Somehow you find yourself entrapped in this room along with 4 others..you try pressing numbers but nothing happens

.. people inside the room warned not to use frontal attack for the codes . Display says [LO] [WB] [AT]

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...nothing happens after you rotate the standing battery
you try to return it to the slot and roll it about 135 degrees..nothing happens
you try to press 135 ...
Nothing happens ?!?..(maybe its not that complicated)
but wait ..display says [H] [2] [O] .. **mechanical sound...

a secret dumb waiter door on a wall slide opened..revealing free bottled water for everyone!

..and a 'note' says:

Please Return All Empty Bottles With Caps !

At the back..a printed clue:
If . & 1 & 0 disappear 5 will appear

..you repressed 235 to release battery lock again.

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