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Tesseract dice


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The framed representation of tesseract can not have pips unless there are walls on its 24 sides.
Two adjacent cells can share a side pips(holes), so for such boxed representation,300 pips can be imagined.
Since there are 8 "solid" cubes in it, that is somehow turns inside out,upside down or whatever freedom of
position and motion it does ,we can imagine it having all cubes with 1-6 pips with 8 different colors,
(like ordinary dice so 168 pips) or 1 pip for cube1, 2 pips for cube2 etc..which will have only 36 pips.
Yet I would like to see a 48 face tesseract dice that has 1176 pips with more dot patterns (in computer).
Thanks solvers..and welcome to the brainden.com!

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