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Football Tournament


Team A, Team B, Team C, and Team D decided to play a small football tournament against each other; each team would play once against each other team.
After all the games were played, Team A won all three of their games, scoring six goals total while only giving up one goal.
Team B won a single game, tied a game, and lost a game. They only scored two goals total, while giving up four goals.
Team C won a single game and lost two games. They only scored two goals total, while giving up two goals.
Team D did not win any games; they tied once and lost twice. They only scored two goals, and gave up five goals.
If you take the number of goals Team A scored against the Team B, and you multiply that by the number of goals that Team C scored against Team D, and you multiply all that by the total number of goals scored in the game between the Team A and Team D, and you add to that the number of goals Team C scored against the Team B, what number will you get?

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