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Oh, the things you discuss with your friends when you are supposed to be studying for finals.

I don't know how many of you know of the video game called portal (or the sequel). But the premise is pretty straightforward using a 'gun' you can create a portal that lets you travel to locations often out of reach. To create the portal, you shoot two spots. You enter one of the two spots and come out the other much like a wormhole in outer space is supposed to work.

So my friends and I got into a pretty heated debate. We wanted to know what would happened if you shot one spot on a wall and the other on a movable object and then slid the movable object through the wall portal, where would the movable object go, what would come out of the movable object's portal?

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let's say you use a cube, it can even be a companion cube.

i think it depends on which side of the cube the portal is on.

for example, if its on the oppisite end, the cube would reverse. if its on the side the front would now be the side.

if its on the front... i dont think you could put it through, as the cube would efectively be trying to go through itself.

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