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Oh no I lost my baby!



So I was browsing the web, and I found this site (great site btw) and it reminded me of a puzzle by Julie Spence (no idea who she is) I had never been able to figure out, wonder if you guys can do it:

There were seven babies born at Memorial Hospital one recent night. The night nurse was so busy she did not properly record all the births. Fortunately, from the notes she left, the day nurse was able to correctly identify all the babies. Those notes appear below. Can you determine the names of the babies born, the full names of each of their parents, and in what order the babies were born? The night nurse also noted that there were five single births and one set of twins, that the twins were born consecutively, and that one mother is Betty, one father is Chuck, and one baby is Amy.


1. The Smith baby, who is not Gary's, was born after baby Andrew, but before Tom's baby.

2. Mr. Jacobs, Bob, and George were delighted with their new daughters.

3. When the Wilson's twin girls were born, baby Ann was already 4 hours old, and Mrs. Larson's daughter was even older.

4. The Miller baby, who is not Jason, was born before Richard (who was born fifth).

5. Mary, whose husband is not Gary or Mr. Thompson (who are two different men) had a boy.

6. Trudy named the first twin Jane.

7. Neither Judy (who is not Mrs. Thompson) nor Carol had girls.

8. Jim's girl was born right after Jennifer.

9. Neither Judy's nor Susan's baby was born first.

10. Bob's baby was born before Ann.

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Order Baby Dad Mom Lastname


1 Jennifer Bob Betty Larson

2 Ann Jim Susan Jacobs

3 Andrew Gary Judy Miller

4 Jason Chuck Mary Smith

5 Richard Tom Carol Thompson

6 Jane George Trudy Wilson

7 Amy George Trudy Wilson

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I am not well acquainted with the names in OP.

So before advancing further towards solution may any body tell whether the following is correct or not.
The Surnames mentioned in the OP: Wilson, Smith, Thompson, Larson, Miller, and George.
First name of Fathers: Chuck, Tom, Jacobs, Bob, Jim, Gary.
First names of Mothers: Betty, Judy, Susan, Mary, Trudy, carol.
Baby's Names: Amy, Jane, Ann, jason, Andrew, Rechard, Jennifer.

George is first name or Gary is surname.....?

I am little in confusion....

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This probably does not need to be spoilered.
These are the name lists I concluded.

BABY: Amy Andrew Ann Jane Jason Jennifer Richard (Andrew Jason Richard are boy names)
FATHER: Bob Chuck Gary George Jim Tom
MOTHER: Betty Carol Judy Mary Susan Trudy
LAST: Jacobs Larson Miller Smith Thompson Wilson

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