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we dislike in others that which we dislike in ourselves


There is an old saying that one dislikes in others that they dislike in themselves. Assume this line to be true. Also suppose it references personality traits and that it's opposite (opposite defined by me :) ) is true.

Opposite: you like others that do not have your disliked traits.

A PhD student for there dissertation is seeking to replicate the above theory(ies) using an experiment. By asking several acquaintices to identify friends from people they dislike and to identify their personality traits.

When asked to identify their personality traits in isolation however, the following six people labeled their personality traits using different systems (adjectives). But fortunaetly, everyone either liked or disliked someone. If the theories are true, what are the negative traits that are causing the people to dislike each other? (Which letters match up)

Identified Negative Traits

Jon: a, b

Jacob: e, f

Junior: h, I

Heimer: l, m, n

Smidth: q, r

Sara: u, v

Jon only hates Junior and Sara.

Heimer likes everyone.

Jacob only hates Sara and Smidth.

Junior only hates Jon.

Smidth hates Jacob and Sara and no one else.

Sara hates Jon, jacob and Smidth. However, she hates Jacob and Smidth for the same reason.

The hate between Jacob and Smidth is the strongest.

V does not equal f or q.


List of some of the corresponding adjectives:








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