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Getting paid for good grades


Sarah's parents decide to reward her (with money!) for her school grades. Sarah has five classes (English, History, Japanese, Math, and Science). She will get $15.00 for each A, $10.50 for a B, $7.50 for a C, $1.50 for a D. Of course, she gets nothing for an F. The last three semesters Sarah has avoided F's, and received the same amount of money (a whole number of dollars) each semester, although the grade distribution of A's, B's, C's, D's was different each time. .

a) How much money did Sarah receive after each semester?

b) What were her grades and semester G.P.A.* each time? (Don't worry about which grades

she got in which classes.) *

note: GPA is avg grade pts per class: 4 pts for A, 3 for B, 2 for C, 1 for D, 0 for F.

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Semester1: 3 A-s and 2 D-s; GPA=2.8;

Semester2: 1 A, 3 B-s, 1 D; GPA=2.8;
Semester3: 1 A, 1 B, 3 C; GPA=2.6.
All pay $48. Overall GPA 2.733333...

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