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Knight Checker



To win in Knight Checker (sometimes called Football Chess)
both players should first move a knight to the last opposite
row (touchdown) without being captured or tackled. Knights
moves are regular. Shown below is the initial position.


For the puzzle , white has a position advantage below but two
pieces down. Can you find the winning line?


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White seems to win in whichever way, provided it has the first move from that position.

1 Nd6

If 1...Ne6 x d4, then 2 Nf7 and both d8 and h8 cannot be defended.

If 1...Ne6-g5 or d8, then 2 Nd4-c6 wins quickly.

If 1 ... Nf6-g4, or any other square, then 2 Nd4 x e6

If 1 ... Nd7-c5 (or to any other square), then 2 Nd4-c6

If 1 ... Nc7-anywhere, then again 2 Nd4 x e6 wins.

Obviously, the Knight on e7 cannot move, since it guards c8.

Also, 1 Nb4-a6 seems to win quickly.

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It seems hard for White not to win.

1 Nd4xe6 Nc7xe6 (If 1 ... Ne7-c6, 2 Nb4xc6)

2 Nc4-d6 Ne6-g5
3 Nb4-c6

2 ... Ne6-d4
3 Nd6-f7


2 ... Nd7-e5

3 Nb4-a6

If Black had their own tangible threats, that could reduce the number of solutoins to the problem.

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