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Cheapskate Date


Charley Smalleash treats his best girl to a trolley ride, but on account of his limited resources they plan to walk back, so, if the car goes at the rate of eight miles an hour and they can walk at the rate of three miles an hour, how far could they ride if they must be back in seven hours?

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Outward run on trolley : max they can ride for time = 1 hr 54 min 32.73 sec,

Distance - 15.273 mi
then return walk for duration : 5 hr 5 min 27.27 sec would give Mr Smalleash the biggest bang for his buck - in terms of ride time on trolley and time with his girl.

However if the girl was not interesting he could always get down earlier and walk back while still being in time to get her home. He could then even save a few pennies on trolly ride as well

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